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DIDI VT engages head on one of the most important challenges facing Vermont's students, parents, educators, and manufacturers:  making the connection between our manufacturers in need of skilled employees, and students looking for a truly rewarding career.  This connection starts with inspiration and aspiration, moving through education and preparation, and finally achieving the realization of employment that matches the dream employee to the dream job.

Finding qualified workers for critical positions is a huge challenge for manufacturers in Vermont.  But this is also a tremendous opportunity.  If students and their parents and educators understand the value of manufacturing as a career and the education and training it requires, then the right tools and resources will deliver that opportunity.

So Why Should Manufacturing Matter to You? 

If you are a manufacturer, you know the answer to this question.  But if you are a student, parent, or educator who isn't familiar with today's manufacturing, here are a few things to consider:

  • Manufacturing is Everywhere.  You only need to look around you any time, any place and you see the creations and value of manufacturing.  Whether you are sitting in a crammed office, driving down the street, or out walking in the wilderness with only the clothes on your back, literally almost everything around you is a manufactured product, the result of people like you dreaming, innovating, and building to make something remarkable out of the most basic materials.

  • Manufacturing is Fulfilling.  The creative essence of manufacturing – whether dreaming up a product, innovating how to make it, or actually building it – being able to say “I made that” – makes every aspect of and every job in manufacturing fulfilling to so many people.

  • Manufacturing is Rewarding.  Manufacturing provides the best wages and benefits to Vermont workers with the widest variety of backgrounds and education.  The average manufacturing wage in Vermont is more than 30% higher than the average state wage, total compensation is nearly 50% higher than average, and the benefits provided are among the best available.  The potential for career advancement in compensation and opportunity are significant, especially for employees with the education and training DIDI Vermont is promoting.

  • Manufacturing is the Future.  Manufacturing is the foundation of every healthy economy.  It not only provides the best wages and benefits, it also provides the most support for other kinds of businesses.  Manufacturing actually creates wealth, not just redistributes it.  It is also the single greatest supporter and user of research, development, and technological advancements.  Any society that wants a vibrant, prosperous future needs to have a thriving manufacturing sector at its core.

Constant advancements help make manufacturing the dynamo it is.  But because it is constantly advancing, today’s manufacturing jobs require increasing levels of education, training, and skill.  There are still many pathways available to anyone who wants to enjoy all that manufacturing has to offer.  But it takes understanding the rewards and wanting to achieve them, and then having access to and taking advantage of the education and training required.

The jobs are there – the question is do you want them and do you have the tools to get them?

DID Vermont is here to help make sure the answers are yes.

So What’s Next?

This website is just the first step in bringing the national Dream It. Do It. network to Vermont and starting to raise awareness and provide tools and resources for students, parents, educators, and manufacturers.

As we evolve this initiative, we will feature more information and programs drawn from our allied programs in states around the country and from the many activities that Vermont manufacturers and schools are already engaged in that are models for others to follow.  During this school year, we will be focusing on classroom curricula and activities, guidance resources, and interaction between manufacturers and schools including science and career fairs, class presentations, tours, internships and job shadowing, and more.

In fact, hearing from you about what you are interested in and finding success stories around the state that we can share and promote for others is one of our top priorities – whether you are a student, parent, educator, or manufacturer, we ask that you take a few moments to fill out one of the forms focused on your interests and what you might have to share.

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