Dream It. Do It. Vermont:   Educators

The key goals of DIDI Vermont are to:

  • Inspire, educate, and train students and current workers to eliminate the skills and employment gaps facing Vermont manufacturers.

  • Empower teachers and schools at all levels to be the leading models for excellence in fusing education and career preparedness.

  • Raise Vermont’s quality workforce advantage to be a critical competitive edge in retaining, recruiting, and growing manufacturing in the state.

Why Should You Support and Participate in DIDI Vermont?

The mission of every school, from the earliest grades through college and post-graduate institutions, is to help prepare their students for their lives after graduation.  And your student’s job will be one of the biggest parts of their life. 

So, then – what makes a great job?  High pay and good benefits?  Interesting and fulfilling work that lets you be creative and gives a sense of accomplishment?  A lot of different pathways to better opportunities?  All of that is what manufacturing can offer in Vermont. 

And DIDI Vermont can help you make your students aware of what manufacturing has to offer, help you and your students connect with local manufacturers both in and out of the classroom, and provide you with tools and resources to help you prepare your students should they decide to pursue a career in manufacturing, both directly and by connecting you with your peers around Vermont and around the country to share your experiences and best practices.

Helping Manufacturing, Helping You

DIDI Vermont is dedicated to helping Vermont’s manufacturers by helping Vermont’s students and parents learn about all the promise, opportunities, and rewards in manufacturing and what they need to prepare.  Schools at every level of education are incredibly important partners in this effort.  We can’t do it without your help, and we will be working to make sure we do everything we can to help you as well.

As we roll out more information, resources, and services with DIDI Vermont, we will be working to:

  • Provide links to online career information and tools you can share with your students.

  • Connect you and your students with Vermont manufacturers through profiles and information on this site, class presentations, tours, internships, job shadowing, and more.

  • Connect manufacturers to your schools through science and career fairs, classroom and guidance materials, and more.

  • Help you with class and other online resources, and curriculum models and resources.

  • Connect students and high schools with colleges and other specialty education and training opportunities through profiles and information on this site, class presentations, campus tours, and more.

Through our programs and services, we will work to help all schools fulfill their missions.  For colleges and other post-secondary and specialty institutions, we will also help students understand the value of and how to prepare for enrolling with you to help achieve their career goals.

What Can You Do Now?

As we build DIDI Vermont over the course of this school year and beyond, the first and most important thing you can do is to fill out our form for Educator Engagement.  With this, you will be able to sign up for updates on the resources and services available with DIDI Vermont, identify activities you might be interested in, and share with us your own suggestions, experiences, and practices that we can use to benefit teachers and schools around the state.

Click here to fill out the Educator Engagement Form.