Dream It. Do It. Vermont:  Employers

The key goals of DIDI Vermont are to:

  • Inspire, educate, and train students and current workers to eliminate the skills and employment gaps facing Vermont manufacturers.

  • Empower teachers and schools at all levels to be leading models for excellence in fusing education and career preparedness.

  • Raise Vermont’s quality workforce advantage to be a critical competitive edge in retaining, recruiting, and growing manufacturing in the state

Why Should You Support and Participate in DIDI Vermont?

For all of its advantages, Vermont can be a challenging place for manufacturing and other productive and technology driven industries. 

One of our key strengths has long been the quality of our workforce. 

But the combination of (1) generational attrition, (2) accelerating skill demands, and (3) waning interest and inadequate education for students entering the workforce is eroding this advantage. 

Manufacturers know better than most that finding qualified job applicants is one of greatest impediments to sustaining and growing their businesses here in Vermont.

But by supporting and participating in DIDI Vermont, you will help get more students growing up wanting to work for you and getting the education and training they need to meet your needs. 

Helping Manufacturing, Helping Your Business

By inspiring and empowering the next generation of manufacturers, DIDI Vermont will help benefit all manufacturing and related businesses in the state.  But we will also be able to benefit your own business directly.  As we continue to roll out new features for this site, we will be able to help bring greater attention and interest in your business, help you connect with the employees you need, and help you benefit from pooling the experiences of you and your peers.

Raising interest in your business.  DIDI Vermont can help get students interested in your business directly and through their parents and schools.  We can help showcase your business in a variety of profiling options on our site.  We can also help facilitate classroom presentations and onsite tours, internships, job shadowing, and other interactions.

Connecting with the employees you need.  Raising interest in your business will help encourage participating students to seek you out when they are entering the workforce.  But we will also be helping facilitate job fairs and helping graduates post their resumes and you post job openings to help make that connection more directly.

Learning from Your Peers.  Finally, identifying and sharing experiences and best practices from Vermont and around the country to help employers engage with students and find and train new employees is one of our top priorities.

What Can You Do Now?

As we build DIDI Vermont over this school year, the first and most important thing you can do is to fill out our form for Employer Engagement.  With this, you will be able to sign up for updates on the resources and services available with DIDI Vermont, identify activities you might be interested in, and share with us your own suggestions, experiences, and practices that we can use to benefit employers around the state.

Click here to fill out the Employer Engagement Form.

Your Financial Support.  At the end of the day, the level of financial support we receive directly impacts the scope, quality, and pace of the services and resources we can provide.

We would welcome and appreciate financial support from all beneficiaries of Dream It. Do It.  But we especially encourage employers, colleges, and charitable foundations to make a donation in support of this program.  You are in a unique position to provide meaningful support, and doing so is both in line with your core mission and very much to your benefit.

Email us to ask about support and donation options.