Dream It. Do It. Vermont:  Students & Parents

The key goals of DIDI Vermont are to:

  • Inspire, educate, and train students and current workers to eliminate the skills and employment gaps facing Vermont manufacturers.
  • Empower teachers and schools at all levels to be the leading models for excellence in fusing education and career preparedness.
  • Raise Vermont’s quality workforce advantage to be a critical competitive edge in retaining, recruiting, and growing manufacturing in the state. 

Why Should You Support and Participate in DIDI Vermont?

It’s not always the first thing on you mind when you’re going to school, but your job is one of the biggest parts of your life.  It’s what you will depend on to support yourself and your family, after graduation and even after retirement (however far off that might seem!).  And it’s literally where you will spend most of your waking hours for the majority of your life.

So, then – what makes a great job?  High pay and good benefits?  Interesting and fulfilling work that lets you be creative and gives you a sense of accomplishment?  A lot of different pathways to better opportunities?

All of that is what manufacturing can offer in Vermont.

As we laid out on our homepage:

  • Manufacturing is Fulfilling.  The creative essence of manufacturing – whether dreaming up a product, innovating how to make it, or actually building it – being able to say “I made that” – makes every aspect of and every job in manufacturing fulfilling to so many people.

  • Manufacturing is Rewarding.  Manufacturing provides the best wages and benefits to Vermont workers with the widest variety of backgrounds and education.  The average manufacturing wage in Vermont is more than 30% higher than the average state wage, and the benefits provided are among the best available.  The potential for career advancement in compensation and opportunity are significant, especially for employees with the education and training DIDI Vermont is promoting.

  • Manufacturing is the Future.  Manufacturing is the foundation of every healthy economy.  It not only provides the best wages and benefits, it also provides the most support for other kinds of businesses.  Manufacturing actually creates wealth, not just redistributes it.  It is also the single greatest supporter and user of research, development, and technological advancements.  Any society that wants a vibrant, prosperous future needs to have a thriving manufacturing sector at its core.

And not only is manufacturing everywhere – the “things” all around us – but you can also find an amazing variety of manufacturing and career opportunities right here in Vermont.  We have companies that make best-in-class products from the most basic raw materials like stone and wood, work with incredibly complex plastics and electronics, and perform cutting edge research and programing that is driven by and ultimately used by manufacturers.  And not only is the variety of products made in Vermont amazing, but we have manufacturers of all sizes spread across the state. 

And what is one of the most critical needs that all of these companies share?  You! 

There are jobs across the state that need to be filled with people who have the right education and skills to meet the needs of today’s manufacturing.  There are still plenty of opportunities to start out and grow into a manufacturing career starting with some basic education and training.  But more education – the right education – and training can place you in ever better jobs and closer to your ultimate goals.

Helping Manufacturing, Helping You

DIDI Vermont is dedicated to helping Vermont’s manufacturers by helping Vermont’s students and parents learn about all the promise, opportunities, and rewards in manufacturing and what you need to prepare, and bringing manufacturers and your schools – including colleges and other specialty education and training institutions and programs – together with resources and activities to help you learn what you can do, learn the skills you need, and connect with great jobs with great employers.

As we roll out more information, resources, and services with DIDI Vermont, we will be working to:

  • Provide links to online career information and tools.

  • Connect you with Vermont manufacturers through profiles and information on this site, class presentations, tours, internships, job shadowing, and more.

  • Connect manufacturers and your schools through science and career fairs, classroom and guidance materials, and more.

  • Help your schools help you with class and other online resources, curriculum models and resources.

  • Connect you with colleges and other specialty education and training opportunities through profiles and information on this site, class presentations, campus tours, and more.

  • Help you leading up to and after graduation by helping facilitate job fairs and helping graduates post their resumes and employers post job openings.

What Can You Do Now?

As we build DIDI Vermont over the course of this school year, the first and most important thing you can do is to fill out our form for Student & Parent EngagementWith this, you will be able to sign up for updates on the resources and services available with DIDI Vermont, identify activities you might be interested in, and share with us your own suggestions and experiences that we can use to benefit students and parents around the state.

Click here to fill out the Student & Parent Engagement Form.

But we also encourage you to contact your local schools to learn what they might already offer or be planning to help students learn about and preparing for careers in manufacturing.  You can encourage them to get in touch with us to see how we can help them in these efforts.