Why Support and Participate in DIDI Vermont?

By supporting and participating in Dream It. Do It. Vermont . . .

Students and parents:  you get information on how rewarding and engaging a career in manufacturing can be, what you need to learn to get there, and the education, experience, and training resources to help you along the way.

Employers:  you get more students growing up wanting to work for you and getting the education and training they need to meet your needs.

Teachers and schools:  you can broaden and deepen your role in empowering your students to have successful and fulfilling lives after graduation, and you can access the models and resources to help play that critical role.

Colleges and other post-secondary and special institutions:  you get all of these educational benefits and also more students who want to enroll with you so that they can achieve their career goals.

Government agencies and charitable foundations:  you get the higher levels of public welfare and economic development and health that are central to your fundamental missions.

DIDI Vermont is uniquely positioned to be of value to you.  

Representing Vermont’s industrial and business community for nearly 100 years, Associated Industries of Vermont has the quality and diversity of membership, and the credibility and connections throughout the business community and public sector, to not only gather and promote best practices already proven to work around the state, but to innovate new models and services under the auspices of our Manufacturing Renewal Initiative and programs like Dream It. Do It.

With AIV’s special relationship with the National Association of Manufacturers and its Manufacturing Institute, which created Dream It. Do It. and other key programs we are bringing to Vermont, we are also uniquely positioned to bring to Vermont successful models and services developed around the country.

DIDI Vermont will:

  • Inspire, educate, and train students and current workers to eliminate the skills and employment gaps facing Vermont manufacturers.

  • Empower teachers and schools at all levels to be the leading national and world models for excellence in fusing education and career preparedness.

  • Raise Vermont’s quality workforce advantage to be a critical competitive edge in retaining, recruiting, and growing manufacturing in the state.

So What Kind of Support Do We Need?

Your Participation.  Whether you help share existing models and resources or help develop new ones, ask inspiring questions or make helpful suggestions, or simply make use of our services and information, you will be part of an interactive and mutually reinforcing dynamic that will help ensure that DIDI Vermont achieves its full potential for you and for our state.

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Your Financial Support.  At the end of the day, the level of financial support we receive directly impacts the scope, quality, and pace of the services and resources we can provide.

We welcome and appreciate financial support from all beneficiaries of Dream It. Do It. whether you are an individual or an organization.  But we especially encourage employers, colleges, and charitable foundations to make a donation to support this program.  You are in a unique position to provide meaningful support that is in line with your core mission and very much to your benefit.

Email us to ask about support and donation options.